The Secret Life of Notebooks

My 20-year ongoing (and deepening) relationship with doing stuff -- thinking, feeling, asking, answering, emoting, reflecting, envisioning, processing, remembering, planning, organizing, shaping, discovering, rethinking, and AIMLESSLY MESSING AROUND by hand, on paper = the very foundation of my skill, knowledge, ideas, advice, and forthcoming work about creativity. Establishing a notebooking habit [with some guidance] is my #1 piece of advice for an accessible, non-elite (no art studio or masters degree required) cheap/free doorway to becoming fluent in your own Creativity dialect and developing new synapses in your brain, which can transform your life. 

In 2016, I started THE SECRET LIFE OF NOTEBOOKS, a series of occasional bite-sized posts (a bit of writing + one image of my own art) about notebook-keeping as a simple yet powerful way to exercise and develop your creativity. 

The series still lives HERE, but will eventually migrate to this site. 

Estrangement from paper is a huge mistake, and goes right along with all the other trends in terms of increasing distraction and depression / chronic estrangement from physical tactile reality i.e. the interdependent intelligence and mechanics of nature, physics, and gravity that defines life on the planet.