INNER PORTRAITS are intuitive drawings that I create in service to you, and your inner life. It's the polar opposite of a caricature experience, where the focus is your outer appearance and superficial characteristics. I prefer to just be present with you, with little to no talking. During the drawing session, you're invited to rest comfortably, doodle with crayons, meditate, or simply do nothing. I generally use the Touch Drawing process to create the art. Specifically because I'm not interviewing or analyzing you, the magic of creative flow becomes much more pronounced once we finally view and talk about the drawings together. The images are intended to spark your own creativity, insights, intuition, wisdom, and ideas about your own self and life. The conversation is about what you see, feel, imagine, and notice in the drawings and how they might connect with broad or specific aspects of your past, present, or future. I don't interpret anything for you.  In fact, there's no requirement that you instantly "interpret" your Inner Portrait either, if that feels too linear and analytical. You may just enjoy welcoming, receiving, and living with the art at home -- noticing what the images might say to you, over time.  

I love doing Inner Portraits! I did my first bunch in 2008. I can't explain how or why they work, but I do know this:  The art that gets created during your session simply would not exist if you hadn't chosen to be with me (in person or remotely) for an Inner Portraits session that day.  I'm excited to finally have a long-term space where I can offer these!

Inner Portraits are excellent as a one-time thing, or as a recurring experience -- annual, seasonal, during life transitions, etc.


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Dana is a gifted artist with a unique ability to read her subject while making them feel comfortable and taken care of during the session. I just had my first experience with Inner Portraits and I was delightfully surprised at the images she created as a response to what she was feeling. The images represent me well, and the cool part is that they can be reinterpreted over and over again because of their simple, yet profound style. If you’re looking for new artwork you can intimately connect with, I highly recommend Dana!
— Angela Lussier: Speaker Sisterhood
These words will not do justice to the magical experience of having an Inner Portrait session with Dana Wilde. Before Dana, I had never encountered nor considered that an artist could connect with what is within me, and my husband, and express the soul of our love in the external world through visual imagery. It was an inspiring and spiritual experience to undergo the portrait session. And the product of it is a truly beautiful and meaningful work of art that Daniel and I will treasure always.
— Tara Joyce: Elastic Mind, Canada
Not only did I love the look of the Inner Portraits, but it was also a very healing experience, similar to the healing energy work that I, myself, practice. It feels wonderful to have someone really see you, to witness who you are at a point in your life. I would love to do it again in a year or so, and next time bring a loved one with me!
— Kristen Winstead: Sund Design