Shaming Children = Shaming Creativity

Shaming babies, toddlers, young children about everything that characterizes them (need, weakness, dependence, innocence, physical energy, lack of control over their bodies and impulses, creativity, connection to nature and animals, desire, honesty, fluidity, curiosity, big feelings, inability to participate in or care about adult BULLSHIT) is what many people still consider to be proper and normal raising / socializing / parenting / education.

It goes like this: Make a the child feel bad, stupid, frightened, and ashamed for who/what they are (a child!) until they shut-down enough to fit-into prescribed norms of culture, gender, age, class, race, consumerism, fake meritocracy, and obedience to authority (religious, political, familial, etc).

One of the worst thing you can be called -- across every race, class, and gender -- is "a baby" or "a child."

That's so deeply messed up!  

All children -- before adults fuck with their heads, integrity, and creativity -- are born artists. There is nothing shameful about being in a baby, a toddler, a young child, or a teen. Treating them as such is like pulling the leaves off a seedling as punishment for doing "a bad job" as a shade tree.

The irony of it all? Millions and millions of adults straight-up feel like shit on the daily. A good portion of those
1. blame themselves (instead of the shitty systems, institutions, and people we're born into)
2. spend soooooo much money and/or life energy -- whether it's beer, street drugs, pills, self-improvement cults, or therapy -- just trying to find their way BACK to that original state of creativity, flow, connection, honesty, open-heartedness they were born into, and then SHAMED out of.

Certain types of people prefer to blame scapegoats for their pain; random groups of "others" instead of the correct members (of their own village) who actually caused the original harm. They aim all their anger and sense of grievance toward people who have literally zero to do with causing their shitty inner feelings and festering sense of being blocked / obstructed / betrayed.

I'll definitely be writing more about the connection between child-shaming and creativity-shaming.


*an earlier version of this was originally posted on my facebook page in September 2017