SESSIONS for Women

aspiring beginners, seasoned pros, late-bloomers, or women who feel anywhere in between.


I offer personalized, one-to-one creativity support for women, via meetings in my studio or over the phone/internet.  Let's call it Creativity Tutoring.  I'm interested (and invested) in addressing what I see as the specific challenges, paradoxes, and opportunities inherent in trying to take our creativity seriously WHILE living in a culture that is largely: 

1. Anti-female (patriarchal, misogynist, sexist, homophobic)... but slowly shifting

2. Anti-creativity (i.e. consumerist, conformist, capitalist, authoritarian, linear)... but slowly shifting

In order to sustain ourselves and each other in this context, our Creativity needs proper ongoing attention, respect, exercise, celebration, and peer-support from people we actually resonate with.  


Sessions are for women seeking to cultivate a more personal, accessible, everyday, organic daily conversation with creativity -- for the purposes of personal, spiritual, and artistic growth -- with a social justice mission. Having professional artistic ambitions, or a background in the arts is not a requirement.

I’m happy to work with aspiring beginners, seasoned pros, late-bloomers, or women who feel anywhere in between.

“Artists,” to me = Current / future / former writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, performance artists, comedians, etc. etc.

I work with women who

1) Are able to actively participate in their own growth process.

2) Have other support in place for cultivating mental-emotional health, self-care, and creative expression.

*Please Note: While I do deal in therapeutic art processes (among other things), I am not a therapist. I'm happy to refer you to two very creativity-supporting and inspiring professional therapists if you're looking. Both are women and artists.


In her AMAZING book Standing at Water’s Edge: Moving Past Fears, Blocks, Pitfalls to Discover the Power of Creative Immersion, Anne Paris, PhD outlines the three types of relationships that artists need in order to safely and repeatedly enter AND exit creative immersion in a healthy, sustainable way:

1.  Mirrors: People who reflect us; they see our uniqueness and talents, they strengthen us by appreciating what we have to offer.

2. Heroes: People we look up to and admire; they inspire us to reach beyond our safety zone.

3. Twins: People who are in the same boat; who comfort us by sharing similar struggles and triumphs.

Regular meetings with me will support you in adopting many creativity-friendly habits -- including to seek, cultivate, and reflect upon these three types of key relationships as a basic part of taking your own creativity more seriously. It's also possible that our relationship can serve one or more of these roles! 

I bring an experience-based, well-established faith in Creativity itself. That trust carries into our sessions, because I approach our time together as an improvised ensemble or duet between of me/my creativity + you/your creativity.  Like my drawings, each session is an improvised process within a framework. Also like my drawings, each session eventually reveals its own "face" -- i.e. recognizable themes, topics, characters of the psyche, and so on. Sessions in my studio involve us actually drawing together as a way of speaking, learning, practicing, and strengthening the language of Creativity.  We have a significant part of our conversations with markers upon small paper on the table, and large paper on the wall.... and cool things happen.


Contact me to learn more about sessions.