INNER STUDIO is a work space in a 1800s mill building in Western Massachusetts. Since 2015, it’s been my art studio, office, and classroom. But "inner studio" is also an image, an invocation, an invitation, and a prompt untethered to any particular room: It’s about building and protecting a space inside yourself, an inner studio, that serves as a refuge for the wild-ness and intelligence that is your natural creativity. Why is refuge needed? Why all the self-help books, therapy, coaching, support groups, and remedial work to retrieve / repair / return to something so inherent to our very nature... that we're all universally born with? Because, for now, we live in a very anti-creativity culture.  And I want to help change that! 


I'm Dana, and Inner Studio is my world.

I'm an artistdrummer, writer, and creativity tutor/rehabilitator. 

Creativity has been the spiritual backbone of my own self-guided curriculum of personal, political, therapeutic, and artistic development since 1997 when I completed Julia Cameron's course-book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It's an honor for me to support, inspire, inform, and learn from other people's experience of (and need for) creativity as an essential part of whole personhood, aliveness, emotional self-responsibility, healing, and empowerment.